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Ilia Shapiro - CTO / Founder / Digital Lead Designer / Creative Director

"Ilia Shapiro has been programming in Java script and Flash since 2002 at a high level. Over the span of his career he has worked on educational applications, games, IOS device Development, motion animate design, internet/extranet development, Brand Development.

Ilia Shapiro is currently focused on building his business to include more HTML5 and jQuery as nature of the digital progress migrates away from Flash and into Java script development.
This sees him creating IOS applications and cross platform websites with responsive design principles. Ilia Shapiro is currently using MVC/Agile SASS frameworks with Java script /jquery and Backbone as his core tools, however he is constantly investigating new technologies to find a best of breed fit with various components.
Ilia Shapiro is comfortable with everything from front end development to backend server maintenance however his core skills are advanced Java script / Flash programming, and this usually includes banner ads, games, application development, learning aids, marketing campaign material, micro sites, etc."

My Services

iOS App Development

Do you need to create applications or do you have a problem with a built application?

Website Design

Need to increase website activity or build new site? With some problem solving solutions i can help you identify problems and create a multi device responsive html5 solutions.

Flash OOP Development

Planning a time travel trip to the Flash ages? Or are you looking to create media banner campaign? With over 10 years of Flash work and programming in AS2 and AS3 OOP i can help.

Graphic Design

Best pixel sharpening service. If you have a graphic design that feels dull, i'll get it looking sharp!

Concept Development

If you are looking for that killer idea or just to bring your idea into life? Than get in contact with me today.

Logo Design

Is you business looking to change its logo or just redeveloping your look?

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